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12 for 12

Together We Do More!

$ 12 dollars for 12 Months

Help us reach our goal by donating $12 for 12 months. Donations will go towards funding community programs and building a multifunctioning community complex. Thank you for your support!

Funds Raised For:

Donations are going to promote wellness and quality of life programming, scholarships, and building for future community success.

12 Payments of $12.00 (Paid Monthly)

– OR –

1 Payments of $144.00


Contact: Dan Myers
Double Play Sports

Community Center Director
Phone :315-955-9936


Gymnasium & Rec. Program
Location: St. Peter’s Gym
5439 Shady Ave
Lowville NY 13367
Fitness Center
7394 Utica Blvd
Lowville, NY 13367
376-7001 (7a-7p)
After Hours Phone: 315-955-9936



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