What is Your Life Letter?

What is Your Life Letter?

When we all look at our lives, the ups and downs in our travels on this earth one should think of it as a written letter. If your life was a letter how would you write it? This comparison makes you think about your words and actions a bit differently I think.

The more I fellowship with my co-workers, friends, church groups, and family members I am becoming more and more conscious of how I am living my life. Living less for myself and more for those around me. When you have an opportunity to look at your actions and how you interact with the people around you a story begins to show itself. Now, we know the wide variety of genres, good, bad and indifferent. However, being the author of your own story you have the power to rewrite those chapters that may not have ended how you had hoped. As the ebb and flow of life goes so does our ability to change make the story better and better. 

The greatness of stories is that characters and themes often change. The literary terms of early education become life changing moments and turning points in our lives. Characters who have a negative effect on your life can easily be written out with a decision to surround yourself with people who have a positive approach to life and bear fruit as opposed to only harvesting from the community you’re in. 

Robin Williams, who recently passed away was one of the most influential comics and entertainers of our time. He did a commercial just prior to his death and in that piece he likened our time here on earth as a poem. His question to us the viewers of the ad and the authors of our life poem was; what would your verse be?
The dash between the two dates that reflect our birth and death is but a spec of time we are given to create that letter or poem so to speak. Wouldn’t you want that piece of literature to mean something to those who read it? I want who every reads my letter to be captivated, blessed and inspired by what a lifetime can bring to so many, in such a short time.

So, how do you want your life letter to read?

Written by:
Dan Myers
Executive Director
Dan's Bio
Daniel Myers has been the Varsity baseball coach at Lowville Academy and Central School since 2002. Lowville Academy and Central School was ranked 8th in the state in 2006 and ranked 11th in the sate in 2008. The High School has won 4 League Titles in 7 years and has played in 6 straight Frontier League Tournament championships with Myers as coach. He attended Oswego State University and played second basemen for the team. He is a two time member of the ECAC ALL- Academic Team and played in two NCAA Division III Regional Tournaments. In 1997, Myers was chosen to play at Yankee Stadium in the NYS Division I, II, and III All-Star Game. He was also inducted in 2002 to the Oswego State Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing Career: All ECAC and All Upstate

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