The Importance of Leaving a Lasting Imprint on Your Community

The Importance of Leaving a Lasting Imprint on Your Community

Have you ever walked on a beach with your bare feet? As a child, I loved to feel the cool sand pressing between my toes and watch my foot imprint upon the soft, wet sand. I always looked back at my path, gazing at every step I took. Even today, when I can take the time to get to a beach, I walk with my wife along the shore line and still turn to look at my steps. Just as a child, I am still yearning to see what my foot imprints look like.

Those imprints can be likened to that of our path in life. But, instead of an imprint, let’s focus on our “impact” on the people and community around us. I was resting my eyes the other day — yes, I do rest, periodically, when I have a free minute — and in that half-consciousness between reality and dreaming, I began reviewing the last 30 years of my life. More to the point, how fast that 30 years has gone by and what I have done in that time. At 41 years of age, I was only 11 when this period of reflection started. Amazing how we as humans grow and transform, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Even as a young boy and an adolescent, I always wanted to make things bigger and better, be it a two-story clubhouse [which I do not recommend] or making a baseball field in our backyard. Things always had to be a certain way so my friends could have the best experience when we were together. Growing up in Lewis County, I was able to meet many different people and share some great memories. Many of these people I still connect with today. Of course, not all of my childhood friends or family in Lewis County have stayed, but I feel blessed to have so many great influences still here, or at least a Facebook message away.

Comparing footprints in the sand to that of making an impact in the community, it is very apparent that Double Play Community Center has begun a long journey down that sandy shoreline and are making great strides. Our board of directors and volunteers are always looking for others to start walking that path with us. You will find a great sense of reward and accomplishment on this walk with us, that I can guarantee. 

Our new six-week block of programs start this week, and we always have room for anyone who wants to be a part of the community center activities. Furthermore, if you want to make an impact in any way, you can call us at 955-9936 or email me at

Written by:
Dan Myers
Executive Director

Dan's Bio

Daniel Myers has been the Varsity baseball coach at Lowville Academy and Central School since 2002. Lowville Academy and Central School was ranked 8th in the state in 2006 and ranked 11th in the sate in 2008. The High School has won 4 League Titles in 7 years and has played in 6 straight Frontier League Tournament championships with Myers as coach. He attended Oswego State University and played second basemen for the team. He is a two time member of the ECAC ALL- Academic Team and played in two NCAA Division III Regional Tournaments. In 1997, Myers was chosen to play at Yankee Stadium in the NYS Division I, II, and III All-Star Game. He was also inducted in 2002 to the Oswego State Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing Career: All ECAC and All Upstate

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