Show Your Light

Show Your Light

What would life be like without light? Obviously one can assume darkness would take on a whole new meaning in our life. To be engulfed in darkness like water, drowning in blackness is scary for so many of us. As kids the thought of our parents closing the bedroom door and seeing that light become nothing but a sliver was daunting. 

Light offers so much hope to all of us. It provides our ability to see and move around, to enjoy the splendor that is among us, but also the ugliness that darkness has created. The contrast between the two is polarizing to say the least. If you were to look at people and view every single person as light or darkness, what would you be? This question may appear silly at first, but look deeper for a moment and ponder what kind of light you’re shining on your family, colleagues, neighbors or community?

If you were to look at a lighting section in a big store, you will find an array of different tones, colors, shades and hues of lights you can choose from. Some are smoky or tinted, so only a portion of light can be seen, which often can make it difficult to see around you. But there is always that one light bulb that is so soothing to your eyes that you are almost mesmerized by its illuminating features. Like a morning sunrise touching your face on a summer morning, or a reddish glow dancing on the horizon as you sit and watch day become night. Light has a wonderful effect on us, as humans; it can literally brighten our mood, senses and attitude about life.

All of us have a light within us that either shines on those in our lives or our communities we live. We all know the expression used to describe so many people right … “He just lights up the room whenever he comes in!” That light that people possess can be infectious and powerful to so many. You and I can turn that on or off, either way, the power is up to you. 

Too often we lose sight of the power of our own light inside of us until it is too late, and that light that burns inside of us is turned off. Life can cause us to forget to ignite that fire that gives hope and inspiration for others around us. 

Don’t be afraid to check your own light this week and see who around you may need a guiding hand in their own darkness.

As a community center for Lewis County, our mission reflects upon being a beacon of hope. 

Many times a beacon offers light for safety and protection. As we shine brighter and brighter, please feel free to allow us to guide some of you as you need it.

Written by:
Dan Myers
Executive Director
Dan's Bio
Daniel Myers has been the Varsity baseball coach at Lowville Academy and Central School since 2002. Lowville Academy and Central School was ranked 8th in the state in 2006 and ranked 11th in the sate in 2008. The High School has won 4 League Titles in 7 years and has played in 6 straight Frontier League Tournament championships with Myers as coach. He attended Oswego State University and played second basemen for the team. He is a two time member of the ECAC ALL- Academic Team and played in two NCAA Division III Regional Tournaments. In 1997, Myers was chosen to play at Yankee Stadium in the NYS Division I, II, and III All-Star Game. He was also inducted in 2002 to the Oswego State Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing Career: All ECAC and All Upstate

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