Remember Something, Lewis County, You Are Worth It!

Remember Something, Lewis County, You Are Worth It!

The title of the article says it all. Double Play Community Center is not a project or an idea, it is a tribute to you the residents of this county. This community center is for the people who live and work here in Lewis County. Every inch of the current rental space we have and every square foot of the building our board has helped design is for you all. Be it young, old and everyone in-between ,there is something for everyone.

Decades before I became dedicated to the project, people who resided in Lewis County observed a need just as many of us do now. The chatter has rarely changed; “we need a common venue for families, youth and seniors to have events and recreational activities 12 months a year.” 

Of course, it is one thing to talk about needs, and another to be a “doer” of those words. Our board has taken the concepts, ideas and minutes from previous committees and councils and incorporated all of it into a real action plan. At the same time, we have sought community members who have an interest and ideals of serving the community in a positive manner.

The county legislature recently began looking at our project for Lewis County residents and realized this project not only delivers on our mission to serve, but gives a foundation for small businesses to grow, a viable community for companies who are looking to start a new venture in this resource-laden county and a great community for anyone to relocate to. All of the above look for an area that has community center or venue where everyone can congregate to for multipurpose wellness activities. A one stop shop approach makes family life and enrichment manageable in a hectic schedule.

This past June, Double Play Community Center missed an opportunity to apply for this round of grants in the Regional Economic Development Funding because we have not secured our site for the proposed center. As many of you know, we have looked at a host of sites and felt real close to landing a couple viable options. 

Vision for the future is not always provided to those around us at times we desire. Many times, without faith or an open hearted approach we miss out on life -changing opportunities. Despite those setbacks, our board is confident Lewis County will soon have a place they can see, touch and stand on, which will welcome a community center that will transform our county in ways we have dared to dream of for decades. 

The past six years of researching, countless hours developing outlines, meetings, and knocking on doors are a testament on one thing; Lewis County residents are worth it! Keep moving forward …

Written by:
Dan Myers
Executive Director
Dan's Bio
Daniel Myers has been the Varsity baseball coach at Lowville Academy and Central School since 2002. Lowville Academy and Central School was ranked 8th in the state in 2006 and ranked 11th in the sate in 2008. The High School has won 4 League Titles in 7 years and has played in 6 straight Frontier League Tournament championships with Myers as coach. He attended Oswego State University and played second basemen for the team. He is a two time member of the ECAC ALL- Academic Team and played in two NCAA Division III Regional Tournaments. In 1997, Myers was chosen to play at Yankee Stadium in the NYS Division I, II, and III All-Star Game. He was also inducted in 2002 to the Oswego State Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing Career: All ECAC and All Upstate

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