12 for 12

Together We Do More!

$ 12 dollars for 12 Months

Help us reach our goal by donating $12 for 12 months. Donations will go towards funding community programs and building a multifunctioning community complex. Thank you for your support!

Funds Raised For:

Donations are going to promote wellness and quality of life programming, scholarships, and building for future community success.

12 Payments of $12.00 (Paid Monthly)

– OR –

1 Payments of $144.00

Our Mission

As a 501 (c) (3)  not-for-profit Community Center in Lewis County, Double Play Community Center has a clear mission: to improve the quality of life twelve months a year while providing premiere facilities, programs, equipment, and staff to meet the needs of all community members, including children, youth “at potential”, athletes, families, adults, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. Creating “something for everyone” to actively participate and be physically active will be a constant goal for the facility.


Contact: Dan Myers
Double Play Sports

Community Center Director
Phone :315-955-9936


Gymnasium & Rec. Program
Location: St. Peter’s Gym
5439 Shady Ave
Lowville NY 13367
Fitness Center
7394 Utica Blvd
Lowville, NY 13367
376-7001 (7a-7p)
After Hours Phone: 315-955-9936