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Dan Myers

Executive Director

Dan's Bio

Daniel Myers has been the Varsity baseball coach at Lowville Academy and Central School since 2002. Lowville Academy and Central School was ranked 8th in the state in 2006 and ranked 11th in the sate in 2008. The High School has won 4 League Titles in 7 years and has played in 6 straight Frontier League Tournament championships with Myers as coach. He attended Oswego State University and played second basemen for the team. He is a two time member of the ECAC ALL- Academic Team and played in two NCAA Division III Regional Tournaments. In 1997, Myers was chosen to play at Yankee Stadium in the NYS Division I, II, and III All-Star Game. He was also inducted in 2002 to the Oswego State Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing Career: All ECAC and All Upstate

Caree Turck

Staff Member

Caree's Bio

Caree Turck teaches Zumba and Zumbatomic at Double Play Sports Community Center. She has been a licensed Zumba instructor for a year and a half and Zumbatomic for about a year. She is also licensed in Zumba with Toning. Caree loves teaching Zumba, because it is a class that anybody and everybody can do! Even more than her love for teaching Zumba classes is her love for teaching Zumbatomic classes, a specialized Zumba class for kids ages 4-12. Zumbatomic is filled with music, movement, games, fun and laughter for the kids. All of the kids who have attended the class have had a great time while getting rid of some energy and getting some exercise too! For those of you who have attended a Zumba class, Zumbatomic classes are not like your Zumba classes. They keep the developmental level of the kids and age appropriateness in mind. While Zumba classes are designed as a great calorie burning exercise, Zumbatomic classes are designed for movement and games to keep kids active in a fun way. Caree lives and works in Lowville where she is a teacher and has been teaching for the past 11 years.

Jeremy Chartrand

Quality Control Director

Jeremy's Bio

Bachelors in Business Administration

Masters in Business and Marketing Education

Nicole Manzer

Dance Instructor

Nicole's Bio

Miss Nicky has been an instrumental part in the growth of Double Play Community Center. She runs outstanding dance programs ranging from Toddlers to Adults. She offers a variety of classes from Ballet to Hip-Hop & Jazz. Miss Nicky annually hosts a very popular Dance Recital at LACS auditorium to showcase the skills and progress of her dancers.


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Contact: Dan Myers
Double Play Sports

Community Center Director
Phone :315-955-9936


Gymnasium & Rec. Program
Location: St. Peter’s Gym
5439 Shady Ave
Lowville NY 13367
Fitness Center
7394 Utica Blvd
Lowville, NY 13367
376-7001 (7a-7p)
After Hours Phone: 315-955-9936



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